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Send a thank-you to the people behind your product.

There are thousands of NGOS and labels, but how do I know where my money is going? tip me creates fairness between customers and producers with global tips. You can give your tip directly to the people who made your product, and they will receive 100% of that tip. Together, we can double the wages of farmers and manufacturers, and you can see how and where your money is making a difference.

How can I give global tips?

Every purchase is a step in the direction of fair, transparent and ethical globalisation.

From now on, you can tip our first partner store – in addition, we are currently in discussion with various other manufacturers.

Our first partner is the integrative fashion label bayti hier – from now on you can give global tips when shopping.

bayti hier - integratives Modelabel aus Münster

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Our mission is to offer solutions for fair products. We want to enhance transparency and accountability in supply chains and support consumers in making informed and sustainable decisions. To achieve this, we use the digital possibilities of our time.